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- Our Mission -

·  Dennis Company is a Premier Distribution Company Providing Resourceful Solutions Through Education, Innovation & Superior Service; While Being Committed To The Highest Ethical Standards.


- Our Vision -

·  To provide a nationwide network of refrigeration and HVACR supplies to our customers through our network of 351 branch locations.

·  Leverage our supplier relationships and national buying power in order to provide our customers with the best combinations of competitive pricing, quality products and technical support.

·  Offer our premium line of Key Component products to our customers across the nation.

·  We will be the premier customer-focused wholesale distribution network in the refrigeration and HVACR industries.

·  Through teamwork with our supplier partners, we will provide a nationwide network of value-added service, quality products and support to our customers.


- Our Values -

·  Communication - Teamwork with our member companies, our suppliers and our customers is key to our long-term success.

·  Best Practices - Continuous improvement and idea sharing among members is a key part of our success.

·  Technical Expertise - We understand that technical support is a necessary commitment to help our customers when they need it.

·  Quality Products are the foundation for our success.

·  Customer Service - Fast, friendly and professional service.


- Our Commitment To Quality -

·  We are committed to providing quality service and quality products and providing them in a responsive fashion to our customers.

Over 57 Years Of Service

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